Possibility to remove invalid laptime data?

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Possibility to remove invalid laptime data?
« on: October 08, 2017, 12:03:31 PM »
Yesterday we had a track day with some MX5's at Kakucs, Hungary. One of our clubmember's phone uploaded some invalid data; it is possible to correct/remove these somehow?
Stint 1, Lap 7 (missing S1)
Stint 1, Lap 4, S1

This sets unbeatable top times, witch a little bit frustrating, if You know what I mean. :):)

Also, an idea:  If within one lap there is no valid sector times for all sectors, this lap will be marked invalid & dropped automatically, cause likely will contain invalid laptime, speed data. Can this be implemented, does it make sense?

Greetings, Szabolcs

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Re:Possibility to remove invalid laptime data?
« Reply #1 on: October 09, 2017, 06:35:26 PM »
Each user can erase / hide their own laps, whether they are wrong laps, or want to hide them without specific reason. This can be done in the session settings menu. We can also hide the laps us (Motorlap stuff).

We can not delete / hide laps that do not have the three sectors correctly, there may be a small margin of error in the positions of the GPS but this does not determine that the time is incorrect or that the lap is not complete. We estimate a minimum percentage of meters traveled in each lap of each circuit to be able to determine it as valid, then we have to analyze its telemetry to know if it is totally good.

There are many users who do not locate the device in an optimal place and therefore some precision is lost, and this should not be a reason for their laps are not valid, this is very difficult. This is our policy. Hopefully all the devices have a perfect GPS coverage and will work at 10 hz, but this is not possible at the moment, so we must have some margin with the validity of the laps.
We always study laps with suspicious times, we analyze their telemetry, and if we say that it can be wrong, we discard it, which automatically disappears from the time ranking.

I hope I have explained this topic well.

Thank you very much for everything and for your contribution. Regards!